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You know you're getting old when ...

You know you’re getting old when …

Sometimes, you realise that the years are passing more quickly than you thought. Usually, the prompt is something perfectly innocent. I hadn’t been able to get to our usual garage, so I stopped in past a supermarket filling station. I filled up; went into the kiosk, and waited as the queue for paying moved slowly […]

Solar panels, one year on

Solar panels, one year on

Throughout 2012, I offered monthly updates on the amount of electricity generated in rural Aberdeenshire by a 4kW solar-PV array. Many of you got in touch to say that this real-life assessment of electricity generation and cash payback had been a useful comparison against the claims of solar-panel installers. The conclusion of the panel-array’s owners […]

Here's an offer you CAN refuse

Here’s an offer you CAN refuse

Just last Thursday, I mentioned that fuel prices in the UK had reached a record high. In the next day’s post, I received a letter from BP Gas, the division of British Petroleum which supplies our LPG (propane). This is the fuel we use to heat the house and cook. I apologise for returning so […]

Fuel costs soar to a new UK high

Fuel costs soar to a new UK high

The cost of fuel in the UK has hit a new high of £1.3744 a litre, averaged across the country. For our transatlantic readers, this equates to $8.10 per gallon in the US. Meanwhile, for readers on the geographic edges of the UK, the flurry of outrage which greeted the news this month will have […]

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