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Cover of First Daily, the 250-year history of The Press and Journal newspaper, Aberdeen

First Daily

… was Norman’s most challenging book, but the one he still describes as his most satisfying to write. In 1997, he was asked to compile the definitive story of 250 years of the Press and Journal, Britain’s biggest-selling and oldest regional morning newspaper.

He decided early to tell the story in human terms, not as a dry academic history. The result was a lavishly illustrated book depicting not just the story of newspapers in the North-east, but 250 years of North-east life itself.

The foreword was written by HM the Queen Mother.

ISBN: 1 9510642 9 0  •  192 pages softback  •  260mm x 225mm  •  Published by Aberdeen Journals Ltd., October, 1997  •  £12.95

ISBN: 1 901300 00 5  •  192 pages hardback  •  270mm x 235mm  •  Published by Aberdeen Journals Ltd., October, 1997  •  £18.95

ISBN: 1 901300 00 3  •  192 pages boxed presentation edition  •  270mm x 238mm  •  Published by Aberdeen Journals Ltd., October, 1997  •  £24.95



Cover of Eighty Glorious Years history bookEighty Glorious Years

… was a private publication to tell the story of a typical working man’s life in the 20th century, looking back on a lifetime from the 1920s to the millennium. As such, it is not for general sale, but Norman describes it as probably his favourite book.

As well as researching and writing, he took charge of photography, graphics, design and publication, making this very much a one-man show and, as a result, probably his most personal work. Preparation was carried out during the summer of 2008 and the hardback was finally published that November.

Published by SML in November, 2008  •  64 pages hardback  •  270mm x 240mm