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Chumpy, the Chicken Who Laid Blue Eggs

… sprang from a conversation at the gates of local primary school as the children were leaving for the day and being collected by their mums. Norman was out walking the dogs. One little girl, Lucy, explained excitedly that they had a new chicken at home and, guess what, “it lays BLUE EGGS.”

Norman asked: “And does your new chicken have a name?” Lucy thought, then said: “Chumpy.”

“Hmmm,” Norman said. “‘Chumpy, the chicken who laid blue eggs.’ That’s a good title for a book.”

It arrived six months later: a children’s book telling the story of Lucy and Chumpy as they go on an adventure to find out why blue eggs are special, with the help of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

46 pages hardback  •  290mm x 230mm  •  Published by SML, February 2013