Dashcam captures a near-miss

Nearly a year ago, I wrote here about deciding to fit a dashcam in my car after I had witnessed a horrendous example of dangerous driving. A young blonde in a Mini had shot past me at 55mph in a 30mph zone, followed closely by another car being driven just as stupidly.

Since then, my dashcam has recorded a few trivial incidents that were irritating but not serious; perhaps one every five or six weeks. The incident you see above, though, could have been deadly serious and the dashcam captured it all in hi-def video.

I had been driving through the Aberdeenshire village of Dunecht at the regulation 30mph and barely noticed the Hamburg-registered dark-blue Peugeot driving towards me, also at about 30mph.

I hadn’t expected the car to turn across the front of me at the last minute. You can’t see it from the screenshot above, but my speed went from 30mph to stop in about 10 metres flat and we ended just centimetres apart.

He held up a hand in supplication, and I waved an understanding of his apology. It was clear that he had forgotten that turning right in the UK is different from turning right on the Continent, and that oncoming traffic is an issue.

You also can’t see the reaction of the teenage girl sitting in the passenger seat, but in the video she clearly screams and covers her head with her hands. The three people standing at the right of the picture, showing true North-east stoicism, never move. They just look round on hearing brakes squeal and tyres roar, then turn back and carry on their conversation.

There were no injuries, no hooting horns, no bad language (at least not from me), and the whole incident was over in 30 seconds.

Still, the dashcam would have proved its worth if there had been a bump and the other driver had decided to be slippery with the truth.

I don’t regret buying it.

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  1. Allan Robertson says:

    Nothing about the article Norman. This is just to say welcome back. It’s been a long wait for your articles to re-appear.

  2. Norman says:

    Thanks, Allan. I’m pleased to be back.

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