Spik Doric : Lesson 65

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Bosie. Abstract noun. A comforting embrace. Rhymes with “rosy”.

Some Doric-speakers think that a bosie is a hug. I would argue that a proper bosie is much more than a hug. A proper bosie is an all-enveloping comforting embrace, and the most reassuring thing for a troubled child.

It derives from “bosom”, for that is usually where the troubled child is enveloped. As he or she sobs uncontrollably, mother will open her arms and draw the child into safety. “Come intae Mam’s bosie” or: “Come and get a bosie fae Mam” are invitations few upset children can resist.

Dads can offer hugs, but only Mams can give bosies.

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  1. Avril Spence says:

    How true. The word has a lovely warm sound to it.

    This may be a controversial view but I think the donor of the bosie shouldn’t be too skinny. When my son was small he told me once that a friend’s mother would be “no fun to hug” because she was all bones.

  2. Avril Spence says:

    I’ve just spotted a post on Facebook which mentions a breast cancer charity shop called “Bosies”. Brilliant name!

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